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How AkzoNobel is Addressing Corporate Requirements for Lab Safety and Chemical Inventory Management

How AkzoNobel is Addressing Corporate Requirements for Lab Safety and Chemical Inventory Management

By: Jennifer Hergert, HSE Manager, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry and Bryan Billings, Senior Technical Support Specialist, BIOVIA

From cleaner houses to new roads, AkzoNobel is behind the development of many of today’s most significant safe and smart products. To do so, they keep 500+ researchers busy on a wide variety of applications from polymers to surfactants. But accommodating such a variety comes with workflow and management challenges.

One particular challenge for AkzoNobel’s Surface Chemistry division was managing the 10,000+ chemical containers used for research. Their previous methodology was no longer sustainable and had been hampering the lab’s ability to manage the chemicals, address safety regulations, and contain the associated costs.

AkzoNobel’s Jennifer Hergert discusses the decision to implement a digital chemical inventory system, how Surface Chemistry went about it, and the results one year later. You’ll get an insider view of how the new system addresses corporate requirements, as well as a look back over the benefits that have accrued since implementation. Jennifer will be joined by BIOVIA’s Bryan Billings who will discuss how a best practices chemical inventory management system enables research organizations to increase researcher efficiency, lower chemical costs and waste, and reduce risk.


Jennifer Hergert
Jennifer Hergert

HSE Manager, AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry

Jennifer Hergert is currently the HSE Manager for Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) at AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry and has been with the company for 20 years. Jennifer began her career in HSE as a consultant in Industrial Hygiene. She joined ICI (later acquired by AkzoNobel) and has had responsibility for multiple locations as the HSE Manager. Overseeing multiple lab locations, she is all too familiar with the challenges of maintaining chemical inventory.

Bryan Billings
Bryan Billings

Senior Technical Support Specialist, BIOVIA

Bryan Billings is a Sr. Technical Support Specialist for BIOVIA.

Bryan provides top-level support to BIOVIA’s enterprise class customers including on-site training and implementation services, as well as data migration and initial inventory project management.

Bryan has enabled numerous organizations to address a wide range of regulatory requirements, from ensuring fire code compliance of hazardous materials to accurate Tier II reporting to utilizing a GMP-enabled BIOVIA CISPro system.