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Dassault Systemès BIOVIA provides a scientific collaborative environment for advanced biological, chemical and materials experiences. Sophisticated enterprise solutions from BIOVIA support Collaborative Science, Unified Laboratory Management, Process Production Operations and Quality/Regulatory Management, driving innovation for science- and process-based industries. The BIOVIA CISPro chemical inventory management system enables organizations to manage chemicals safely from receipt to disposal along the entire lab-to-plant value chain, ensuring Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) compliance across the enterprise.


  • Chemical Inventory Management Systems & Solutions

    Comprehensive chemical inventory management that accurately tracks and reports on chemicals and other laboratory assets

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    Chemical Inventory Management Systems &...
  • Worldwide Laboratory Chemical Tracking with Accelrys CISPro

    For large companies with many users in multiple facility types and locations, Accelrys CISPro delivers a complete and sustainable solution.

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    Worldwide Laboratory Chemical Tracking w...
  • Real -Time Chemical Management with Accelrys CISPro Cloud

    For laboratories that need to migrate to a real-time integrated solution, Accelrys CISPro Cloud delivers all the necessary tools.

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    Real -Time Chemical Management with Acce...
  • Regulatory Lists Module Ensures Regulatory Compliance

    Accelrys CISPro’s Regulatory Lists module allows users to meet regulatory control requirements quickly and easily by managing regulated materials in inventory.

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    Regulatory Lists Module Ensures Regulato...


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