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  • eGC (environmental Gas Chromatograph)

    eGC (environmental Gas Chromatograph)
    Trace Toxic Chemical Monitor with Advanced Data Analysis Website

    eGC (environmental Gas Chromatograph) is a new innovative solution for chemical specific analysis in ambient air. eGC is a fully autonomous trace toxic chemical facility and community air monitor for field applications which is capable of subparts per billion analysis. A very important aspect of using ENMET’s eGC is collecting and reporting the analytical data. The eGC uses a graphical web interface to display the analysis data to its user. Access to the eGC website is password protected and the web interface is designed to work with many different web browsers. Through the website the user can also receive automatic alerts.
    The website’s dashboard displays the specific information of your selected eGC. The user can see the current concentration, the solar array battery voltage, current ambient temperature, wind direction with speed, and a GIS map display...
    More Information » enmet.com/product/egc-gas-chromatography-analyzer

    eGC (environmental Gas Chromatograph)
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