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Risk Assessment: It’s Not the Hazard, It’s the Risk

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 11:00am - 12:00pm EDT  
Host: AIHA
By: Claude Neri, Head of Compliance and Research, Chemwatch and Jerome Marinkovic, Director of Product Research & Development, Chemwatch

In the past, several organizations have felt that their chemicals management programs are served entirely by the provision of an (M)SDS.

An (M)SDS is a document that identifies hazards, but does little to assist in calculating the risks involved in the use of chemicals. Several models have been developed to assist in this initiative. One such model, control banding, has been developed by the International Labor Organization. Other models have also been developed by other authorities. This webinar will describe the various models and their outcomes. All are designed to ensure that patterns of use are taken into consideration and that control measures reflect the patterns of use.

The following topics will be covered in this webinar:

  • Risk Assessment vs Risk Analysis 
  • ILO Control Banding Risk Assessment (United Nations)
  • COSSHEssentials (UK HSE Executive Body)
  • REACh Exposure Scenarios as Risk Assessments
  • Dutch StoffenManager as Risk Assessment
  • Dangerous Goods Risk Assessments
  • Regulatory Status of Risk Assessments
  • Control Banding: in-depth analysis
  • Hazards Vs. Risks (SDS Hazard Analysis) 
  • Classification Criteria
  • Mitigating Risk – Control Measures
  • Grouping Tasks into Jobs
  • The Risk Assessment Report
  • Importance of Risk Assessment in Chemical Approval Workflow
  • Adopting Innovation: Mobile, Tablet, Cloud technologies



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Claude Neri
Claude Neri

Head of Compliance and Research, Chemwatch

Claude Neri is the Head of Compliance and Research Department at Chemwatch with over 17 years experience in the chemicals management marketplace.

His professional experience as a Chemical Database Project Technical Manager and Chemical Safety Projects Manager includes the successful management of a wide variety of projects such as chemical database web applications, molecular modeling and QSAR techniques.

Claude holds BS degrees in Environmental Management of Hazardous Materials and Mathematics and a MS in Analytical Chemistry.

Jerome Marinkovic
Jerome Marinkovic

Director of Product Research & Development, Chemwatch

Jerome is the Director of Product Research & Development at Chemwatch with over 6 years experience in the chemicals management marketplace.

His professional experience in chemical risk assessment includes development and deployment of the Chemwatch control banding risk assessment and approval system.

Jerome has advised many companies and government departments on chemical risk management with a particular focus on risk analysis issues and techniques.

Jerome holds a BS degree in Marine Biology and a Graduate Certificate in Software Project Management.


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