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Innovations in Pumped Air Sampling

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 10:00am - 11:00am EST  
Host: AIHA
By: Gary Oishi, R&D Chemist, Millipore Sigma

The goal of air sampling is to determine what chemical exposure occurred by the most accurate means available. This is achieved by two pieces of information: the mass of the chemical suspect agent, which can be accurately determined by analysis against a standard performed at a laboratory; and the volume of air sampled. The mass has been determined with much greater confidence than the volume of sampled air.

Air volume sampled is currently determined by calibrating the desired flow rate across the sampling media. The calibrated flow rate and time are used to establish total sampled air volume. Mathematically, the larger the total sample volume, the lesser of an impact that an error in the actual volume would have on a result. Most importantly, we want to know with confidence that a measured value will allows us to make a decision based on the most accurate and reliable data available. A new innovation in pumped air sampling that incorporates a patented mass air flow meter in a personal sampling pump will bring us closer to what is needed. This combination can provide an accurate real air volume sampled by continuously measuring flow rate over the entire sampling period.

Webinar participants will learn:
• Pump dynamics as they relate to accurate collection of air samples
• How flow control can affect the results for a gas phase chemical vs. particulates
• Advantages of an integrated mass flow meter air sampling pump


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Gary Oishi
Gary Oishi

R&D Chemist, Millipore Sigma

Gary is currently an R&D chemist in the Environmental Air Monitoring group at the Supelco division of Millipore Sigma after working for six years as a technical service chemist. As an R&D chemist, he is involved with helping develop new products and testing methodologies in air monitoring. He previously has spent over twenty years in analytical chemistry involved with the identification of micro and macro contaminations in failure analysis, deformulation, forensic, and industrial hygiene sample testing.  


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