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The Selection, Use, Care and Maintenance of FR/AR Clothing

Tuesday, September 19, 2017 1:00pm - 2:00pm EDT  
Host: AIHA
By: Derek Sang, Technical Training Manager, QSSP, IASHEP, Bulwark Protective Apparel

Though recent changes in regulations from OSHA and other governing bodies concerned with workplace safety have driven a renewed adherence to safety standards when it comes to hazards in the workplace, there is still a lot of misleading, inaccurate and incorrect information circulating. This webinar will seek to refute any erroneous information and answer all questions regarding the proper selection wear, care, and maintenance of FR/AR clothing.

The proper selection of PPE is very important. This seminar will demonstrate that, while the thermal hazards may differ across industries, the basics for FR/AR clothing’s selection, use, care, and maintenance share similarities. Attendees will gain a thorough understanding of the regulations, standards and program implementation “best practices” in regard to the selection, use, care and maintenance of FR/AR garments for arc flash and flash fire hazards.


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Derek Sang
Derek Sang

Technical Training Manager, QSSP, IASHEP, Bulwark Protective Apparel

Derek Sang has been involved with the Flame Resistant Clothing industry in a variety of roles from the service, manufacturing and garment sides of the business for over 20 years.

The first 10 years of his career Derek worked directly with end-users developing and implementing Flame Resistant Clothing programs specific to the customer’s hazards. Over the past 11 years Derek has worked closely with fortune 1000 companies educating them on the various fabrics, FR technologies and the dynamics of Arc Flash and Flash Fire hazards as they look to develop FR Clothing programs.

Derek has developed and conducted over 250 educational and informational seminars on the Hazards of Arc Flash and Flash Fire for a variety of companies, associations and organizations including ASSE, BLR. NSC, VPPPA, NJATC, NECA, CAER.

In his current position as a Technical Training Manager, Derek has developed over 40 hours of training curriculum for Bulwark University. These training efforts cover all aspects of FR clothing and are delivered utilizing live class courses, on line training, webinars and seminars. Bulwark University focuses on non-commercial training for individuals and companies on the hazards of Arc Flash and Flash Fire and how to properly design and implement a FR Clothing program.

Along with being a recognized Subject Matter Expert (SME), Derek is also a Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP), Certified Environmental, Health, Safety Professional (IASHEP), Certified Safety Health and Environmental Technician (IASHEP) and recently is a qualified trainer for Low Voltage based on NFPA 70E

Recent publications include –

“Keys to effective FR garment programs”, Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, February 2017
“How to Navigate the FR Clothing Market”, Incident Prevention Magazine, June 2015
“Designing an FR Clothing Program for O&G”, ASSE PDC, June 2015
“Importance of NFPA 2112”, Oil Review Middle East, August 2014
“The Importance of Specifying NFPA 2112 Certified Garments for Flash Fire Protection” OH&S, March 2014


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