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An Overview of Chemical Notification Systems in China, Taiwan and South Korea

Thursday, November 16, 2017 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST  
Host: AIHA
By: Sophie Guinard, Regulatory Scientist, The REACH Centre

REMINDER: Please note that this event is scheduled for 90 minutes.

As a result of increasing international pressure from programs such as the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), as well as goals to bring domestic regulations into alignment with global norms, a growing number of Asia Pacific countries have implemented chemical notification systems to promote the sound management of chemicals.

This webinar aims to provide an overview of the main chemical notification systems in China (MEP Order 7 and Decree 591), Taiwan (TCSCA and OSHA), and South Korea (K-REACH). It will help companies to identify potential notification obligations and explain how these obligations can be fulfilled using an in-country representative. It will also deliver a high-level comparison of the regulatory scope, deadlines, notification types and process, and provide the opportunity for Q&A with a regulatory scientist delivering services in Asia.

Learning objectives:

  • To provide an overview of the main chemical notification systems in China, Taiwan and South Korea to companies supplying chemical substances to these markets.
  • To allow companies to identify:
    • whether the substances used in their products are in scope of the regulations
    • if their substances are exempt or below tonnage thresholds
    • whether they have notification obligations
    • what registration deadlines are relevant to their substances
  • To provide an appreciation of the notification process and information about whether an in-country Only Representative or Third Party Representative is required
  • To highlight other regulatory requirements and post-notification obligations, such as annual volume reporting, record keeping, safety data sheet provision and risk assessment reports
  • To deliver a high-level comparison of the notification systems in China, Taiwan and South Korea


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Sophie Guinard
Sophie Guinard

Regulatory Scientist, The REACH Centre

Sophie Guinard joined The REACH Centre in 2014. As a Regulatory Scientist, she supports clients to help them understand and comply with chemical regulations in Asia and the European Union. She has experience with Chinese MEP Order 7 and Decree 591, Korea REACH and CCA, Taiwan TCSCA and OSHA, Japanese CSCL and ISHA, as well as Malaysian, Philippine and Thai regulations. She is responsible for expansion of The REACH Centre’s Asian business service provision through partners and for communication with international clients and partners.


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