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Real-Time Systems for Industrial Hygiene, the Driving Forces for Tomorrow

Tuesday, December 12, 2017 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST  
Host: AIHA
By: Ronald McMahan, Director, Business and Solution Development, SGS Galson

Many of us have lived through some incredible advances in technology.

We have gone from a phone with a cord to a phone in a bag to a smart communication device in our pocket. We have gone from licking a stamp to faxing documents to an email system that connects us to the world, allowing for instant delivery of our words and documents. We have gone from visiting the library to “Googling it.”

These advances have all impacted how CIHs do their jobs. You may have been buried in your day-to-day work and adapted without stopping to think about these changes. You’ve probably forgotten your first email address or web search engine.

What if you knew what was next on the technology horizon?

This webinar will examine technological changes that have impacted us and our IH projects in the last 30 years, and then look at the technological changes that will form our future—especially in how we monitor and sample.

Great ideas come from those who do the work and are looking for a better way. That’s you. This webinar seeks to expand knowledge of current technology as well as technology that’s coming soon and can be used to improve the tools we use to protect workers.

Note: The AIHA Real-Time Detection Systems Committee did not formally review this presentation and may not endorse its every statement or position.


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Ronald McMahan
Ronald McMahan

Director, Business and Solution Development, SGS Galson

Webinar presenter Ron McMahan leads the marketing and business development team at SGS EHS USA as Director, Business and Solution Development. Ron works with staff and clients developing innovative ways to make sampling simpler. These extend to developing new instrument concepts to automated processes that benefit clients, including leading the innovation team on the SGS Galson’s revolutionary monitoring and media management systems. Trained as an industrial engineer, Ron has spent the last 30 years in management, marketing, business strategy and innovation development roles for environmental, transportation, and safety products and services concerns. This includes leading development teams for numerous unmanned system controllers and instrumentation design, applications and training involving measuring health and safety-oriented air parameters and regulatory requirements.


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