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Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things in IH Field Analysis

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 12:00pm - 1:00pm EDT  
Host: AIHA
By: Ronald McMahan, Director, Business & Solution Development, SGS Galson and Tim Quinn, Senior Product Manager - Cloud Monitoring, SGS North America

This presentation will discuss the many new cloud-based products that have hit the market, which will allow an IH/CIH the ability to monitor, collect data, be alerted, and pull grab samples remotely. Imagine continuous data being cataloged on a job site while you’re not there, 24 hours to 1 month straight. This is now a reality. It can be an additional worker for a business or a new way to bill for IH consultants.


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Ronald McMahan
Ronald McMahan

Director, Business & Solution Development, SGS Galson

Webinar presenter Ron McMahan leads the marketing and business development team at SGS EHS USA as Director, Business and Solution Development. Ron works with staff and clients developing innovative ways to make sampling simpler. These extend to developing new instrument concepts to automated processes that benefit clients, including leading the innovation team on SGS Galson’s revolutionary monitoring and media management systems. Trained as an industrial engineer, Ron has spent the last 30 years in management, marketing, business strategy and innovation development roles for environmental, transportation, and safety products and services concerns. This includes leading development teams for numerous unmanned system controllers and instrumentation design, applications and training involving measuring health and safety-oriented air parameters and regulatory requirements.

Tim Quinn
Tim Quinn

Senior Product Manager - Cloud Monitoring, SGS North America

Tim Quinn is SGS Galson’s West Region business development manager and Subject Matter Expert for Cloud Computing.


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