Healthier Workplaces, A Healthier World

The New IH for the Next Normal

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: AIHA
By: Ronald McMahan, Director, Business & Solution Development, SGS Galson

This webinar is about the utilization of Technology driven by the Pandemic for potential technical advances in industrial hygiene. This seminar will attempt to strike the creative cord of the attendees – What can the future look like?


Learning objectives:

  • advance industrial hygienists’ working knowledge of the power of IoT and cloud computing
  • get IHs thinking about how we can make 24/7 health monitoring an affordable, quality reality


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Ronald McMahan
Ronald McMahan

Director, Business & Solution Development, SGS Galson

Ron McMahan has been at the forefront of applying burgeoning technology to real-time applications for over 30 years. Ron leads the marketing and business development team at SGS EHS USA as Director, Business and Solution Development. He works with staff and clients developing innovative ways to make sampling simpler. These extend to developing new instrument concepts to automated processes that benefit clients, including leading the innovation team on the SGS Galson’s revolutionary monitoring and media management systems. Trained as an industrial engineer, Ron has spent his career in management, marketing, business strategy and innovation development roles for environmental, transportation, and safety products and services concerns. This includes leading development teams for numerous unmanned system controllers and instrumentation design, applications and training involving measuring health and safety-oriented air parameters and regulatory requirements. Over his 30 years of experience, he spent 20 of those years directly measuring air parameters for the purpose of health and safety. In conjunction, he has performed over 800 environmental assessments, served as an expert witness for over 35 depositions on Indoor and Outdoor Environmental and Water Damage Assessments with three (3) court appearances, and named as an environmental expert in over 400 cases.


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