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Product Demo: Shoebox PureTest

Tuesday, January 19, 2021 2:00pm - 2:30pm EST  
Host: AIHA
By: Alexa Gough, Occupational Hearing Solutions Manager, SHOEBOX Ltd.

Product Demos are short presentations of practical tips for using a specific product, similar to the demonstrations that take place at conference exhibits. AIHA does not update participants’ educational transcripts for Product Demos.


In this era of heightened employee health and safety measures, occupational hearing testing programs present many new challenges. Advancements in portable test equipment and paperless data management are modernizing how programs are delivered, with an emphasis on maintaining a physical distance between the test examiner and employees. SHOEBOX Audiometry helps businesses and service providers meet their OSHA compliance requirements with accuracy and efficiency. 


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Alexa Gough
Alexa Gough

Occupational Hearing Solutions Manager, SHOEBOX Ltd.

Alexa is the Occupational Hearing Solutions Manager at SHOEBOX Ltd. In this role, she works with some of the most forward-thinking employers and onsite/near-site occupational healthcare providers in North America. She has a passion for partnering with them to find innovative ways of improving the way they deliver audiometric testing as part of their hearing conservation programs, all while helping them achieve their overall business objectives.