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Chemscape Safety Technologies provides software that helps companies manage the risk and compliance needs of chemicals. For 20 years, our award winning SDS Management software sdsBinders offers responsive customer service and SDS data excellence that exceeds the competition. Our premium software CHAMP builds on the sdsBinders foundation with chemical approvals, chemical hazard banding, risk assessments on chemical use as well as recommends controls so your workers understand how to protect their health from chemicals in the workplace. Empower your team to actively participate in the management of chemicals by receiving insights that was once the domain of chemical experts. Control risk to avoid chemical exposures and long-term occupational health claims. Workers become more proactive in chemical safety when they see how chemicals can impact their personal health. 


  • sdsBinders

    Manage your SDSs on the go or at your office with sdsBinders - the SDS Management software that keeps you compliant and exceeds market offerings with responsive customer service and a clutter free data base with current and up-to-date SDSs. sdsBinders has been managing SDSs for over 20 years. Our clients have industrial operations with a high bar for safety and regulatory compliance. Don't trust the management of your hazardous products to a low cost provider. sdsBinders is constantly adapting to the needs of our clients as we provide a partnership in SDS Management to ensure your SDS library is compliant, dependable and surpasses the standard.   

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  • CHAMP - Chemical Hazard Assessment Management Program

    CHAMP is Chemscape’s premium software built on the sdsBinders foundation. CHAMP customers see breakthrough changes in how employees identify and control chemical hazards, leading to a significantly improved workplace health and safety environment. CHAMP systematically prevents injury and illness from chemicals by recording how workplace chemicals are being used with approvals. CHAMP identifies and ranks all the chemicals in your inventory in an easy-to-understand band. CHAMP generates a risk assessment that recommends controls for each task. Provides tools to implement control recommendations across your worksites. It allows you to ban chemicals and search for safer substitutes. Every client implementation is supported by an Industrial Hygienist to coach EHS leadership and offer ongoing training, and program evaluation metrics.

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    CHAMP - Chemical Hazard Assessment Manag...
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