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Chemscape Safety Technologies

Chemscape offers sdsBinders compliance software to manage your Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) as well as our Chemical Hazard and Assessment Management Program (CHAMP) that goes beyond SDS Management Software to provide a clear picture of the chemical hazards your workers are handling. Go beyond HazCom/WHMIS compliance and empower your team to actively participate in the chemical health and safety at work. Our software shares insight with workers that was once the domain of chemical experts. Chemscape identifies chemical health hazards which is a critical first step prior to controlling risk before a chemical exposure or incident occurs. Chemscape provides a reliable central hub of information that reaches all your job sites quickly. Additional information can be posted in your portal in to reinforce internal best practices on chemical health and safety. Workers become more proactive in chemical safety when they see how chemicals can impact their personal health and the environment. 

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  • Maurya Sokolon

    Business Development
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    Calgary, Alberta