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Takmos LLC

Occupational Toxicology Consulting | Cost Effective + Prompt + Reliable | 25 Years Experience

Takmos LLC

The solution to your occupational toxicology needs, Takmos LLC provides competitive flat-rate pricing for high-quality occupational toxicology and manufacturing-related toxicology assessments including: 

  • Occupational Exposure Banding (OEB)
  • Occupational Exposure Limits (OEL)
  • Health-Based Exposure Limits (ADE, PDE)
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Most requests are completed in five (5) business days or less. Flat-rate pricing includes the use of in silico modeling to address data gaps. The quality of the work is guaranteed and all work is supported for a year.

  • Have new/additional information that requires the document be updated? 
    No charge for a revision.
  • Need to explain the document to your CMO?
    No charge for the toxicologist to join a call.

Takmos LLC was started by Renee Hartsook PhD DABT who left the pharmaceutical industry to create the occupational toxicology consulting model that she wished was available: (a) flat-rate (no surprises) pricing; (b) reliable timelines for delivery; and (c) consistent quality. Experienced in evaluating small molecules, biologics, and high potency compounds. 

Accepting new clients on a limited basis. 

Web Site: takmos.com