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Escaping the IH Black Box: Actions to Elevate Your Program and Demonstrate Its Value

Tuesday, September 12, 2023 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT  
Host: AIHA
By: Dave Risi, CIH, CSP, Solutions Executive for the Health and Control of Work Solution, VelocityEHS

Industrial hygiene programs and processes have remained essentially the same over the past few decades. While many environmental and safety programs have grown their staff, budgets, and influence, IH programs have often seen a reduction in their resources. To fill the void, companies are using consultants and non-IH professionals to perform air monitoring and other IH activities.

Utilizing consultants and non-IH professionals can be effective if done correctly. However, well-defined procedures and training are critical to reduce the risk of inadequate reporting and documentation. These can create unintended consequences and future liabilities.

We will explore some of the reasons for the shift in resources and recommend simple yet effective steps you can take today to increase your influence through industrial hygiene programs and the value you bring to key stakeholders.

This session will help IH professionals assess their current IH program and steps to improve the influence and value they can bring by helping them learn:

• A simple methodology to perform a self-assessment of their current IH program
• Commonly overlooked value propositions an IH program can offer
• How to get out of the IH black box and have more effective communications with key stakeholders
• The benefits and risks of using non-IH professionals
• Current and future technologies and how they will affect our profession
• How to justify your IH program budget and ask for more resources 


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Dave Risi, CIH, CSP
Dave Risi, CIH, CSP

Solutions Executive for the Health and Control of Work Solution, VelocityEHS

Dave Risi is the Solutions Executive for the Health and Control of Work solution at VelocityEHS. He is a board-certified industrial hygienist and safety professional with over 35 years of EHS experience.

Dave started his career as a Sr. Industrial Hygienist for Exxon before moving into software in 1996. Since then, he has built and managed the expansion of EHS software into over 60 countries.

Dave has a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational safety and health from Ferris State University and a Master of Science degree in industrial hygiene from UCLA.


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