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Around the globe, TSI provides a comprehensive range of solutions with unparalleled reliability and accuracy necessary to accomplish your goals. From workflow management, software solution and measurement instrumentation, our complete suite of solutions are tailored to help you make informed, data-drive decisions to get your job don’t. Let’s build strong health and safety programs together. Connect with us at TSI.com


  • PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester

    The PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester provides a consistent and objective testing experience across all respirator types, including all N95 filtering facepieces. FitCheck® Mode shows in real-time how respirator fit changes throughout donning and adjustment, helping users select the right mask and identify the best fit more quickly. Video animations guide staff through proper fit test exercise movements during a fit test, providing a consistent testing experience and freeing fit test administrators to multitask. Group fit testing allows administrators to test up to four personnel with four PortaCounts simultaneously.

    *Tablet and laptop are not included with the instrument. Tablet is included with the 8040T and 8048T bundles.

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    PortaCount® Respirator Fit Tester
  • Quest™ Edge 4+ Noise Dosimeter

    The Quest™ Edge 4+ Noise Dosimeter allows users to monitor personal noise exposure levels in real-time, within Bluetooth range with a mobile application. The ability to monitor from a safe distance allows workers to continue tasks without interruption in a variety of workplace environments.

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    Quest™ Edge 4+ Noise Dosimeter
  • Quest™ Sound Level Meters

    TSI Quest™ Sound Level Meters make it easy to document and analyze noise exposure across variable environments and octave bands. User friendly and intuitive, our versatile line of instruments fit any sound measurement need, including an intrinsically safe option for hazardous environments. Find the right sound level meter for your needs.

    Quest™ SoundPro™ Sound Level Meters SE-DL Series

    Quest™ Sound Examiner Sound Level Meters SE-400 Series

    Quest™ Sound Detector

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    Quest™ Sound Level Meters
  • QUESTemp° Heat Stress Monitors

    QUESTemp° Heat Stress Monitors are designed to quickly and accurately evaluate potential heat stress environments. These instruments deliver high-performance monitoring using Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) sensing technology, the standard for heat stress management, and the calculation of a WBGT Index value. Our monitors allow you to eliminate daily maintenance. Convenient stay time parameters per multiple standards help determine work-rest ratios, and IP 54 ingress rating helps protect units from exposure to dirt, dust, oil and water

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    QUESTemp° Heat Stress Monitors
  • SidePak™ AM520 Personal Aerosol Monito

    The SidePak™ AM520 Personal Aerosol Monitor is designed to take measurements from the workers breathing zone to provide both real-time aerosol mass concentration readings of dusts, fumes, mists, smoke and fog; as well as a new response concentration that can display a secondary aerosol reading for respirable silica or diesel particulate matter (.08μm) applications.

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    SidePak™ AM520 Personal Aerosol Monito
  • DustTrak™ II and DRX Aerosol Monitors

    TSI DustTrak™ II and DRX Aerosol Monitors are light years ahead of any other. The DustTrak DRX Monitor, for instance, simultaneously measures both mass and size fraction – something no other dust monitor can do. Measure PM1, PM2.5, respirable, PM10 and PM Total simultaneously with no need for size-selective inlet conditioners.

    The DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitor can measure both mass and size fraction at the same time and provides a gravimetric sample. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, industrial and occupational hygiene, baseline screening, remote monitoring and research studies.

    Our handheld DustTrak™ DRX Aerosol Monitor is a multi-channel, data-logging, laser photometer for real-time aerosol readings. Portable design allows you to measure dust, fumes, mists and smoke and is suitable for engineering control evaluations.

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    DustTrak™ II and DRX Aerosol Monitors
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