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SKC Inc.

SKC is the leader in sampling solutions and expertise for OEHS professionals around the world. The breadth of the trusted products that SKC designs, manufactures, sells, and supports combined with the depth of 60+ years of experience and 200+ years of combined expertise provides you with unparalleled solutions and support.

Looking for air sampling pumps, media, noise dosimeters, aerosol and gas monitors, wearable heat stress prevention, surface/dermal tests, or anything in between? We’re committed to making sure you have the reliable tools you need in all industries and applications.

Let SKC’s science help you protect workers every day. Visit skcinc.com.



  • SKC® NoiseCHEK Personal Noise Dosimeters

    Designed by SKC’s Noise Team specifically for the OEHS professional, NoiseCHEK offers highest ease of use and flexible features.

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/noisechekis

    SKC® NoiseCHEK Personal Noise Dosimeter...
  • SKC® AirChek® Touch Series Sampling Pumps

    Touchscreen 5 to 5000 ml/min sampling pumps that make your job easy with the perfect feature sets – you choose. Check out the new AirChek Essential+!

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/touch-pumps

    SKC® AirChek® Touch Series Sampling Pu...
  • SKC® PPI® Samplers for Respirable Dust/Silica

    Original SKC PPI Samplers precisely match ISO/CEN criteria for compliance with the OSHA Silica Rule and can be used easily in any orientation, unlike traditional cyclones.

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/ppi-sampler

    SKC® PPI® Samplers for Respirable Dust...
  • EDC® HAZ-DUST 7204 Personal Aerosol Monitor

    Two solutions in one instrument—provides simultaneous direct reading of respirable, thoracic, or inhalable particulate and compliance filter sampling.

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/hd-7204

    EDC® HAZ-DUST 7204 Personal Aerosol Mon...
  • SlateSafety® BAND V2 Heat Exposure Monitor

    The #1 heat stress prevention wearable and powerful platform provides critical safety data and alerts. Ask an SKC representative about BEACON V2 for environmental heat!

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/heat-exposure

    SlateSafety® BAND V2 Heat Exposure Moni...
  • SKC® Sorbent Tubes

    The first and most trusted for over 50 years. Low background, quality manufacturing, repeatable performance, QC data online, and the support of scientists. Available for IH and environmental applications.

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/categories/sorbent-tubes

    SKC® Sorbent Tubes
  • EDC® HD-1620 Handheld PM Monitor

    The only handheld with built-in US AQI for PM2.5! Designed to meet state Wildfire Smoke Rules. Ideal for firefighters and other OEHS applications.

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/hd-1620

    EDC® HD-1620 Handheld PM Monitor
  • CLI by SKC® Surface/Dermal Testing and Cleaning

    Screen, clean, and confirm on-the-spot with rapid SWYPEs, PERMEA-TEC PPE breakthrough sensors, and DECONtamination Solutions.

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/surface-dermal

    CLI by SKC® Surface/Dermal Testing and...
  • SKC® Filter Media and Size-selective Samplers

    Top quality filter material available in a variety of diameters, pore sizes, and configurations to meet your applications. Ask about Solu-CAP, Accu-CAP, VersaTrap, Nano-Neat, and more. Use SKC filters in our innovative size-selective particulate samplers for highly accurate sampling and ease of use.

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/categories/particulate-samplers

    SKC® Filter Media and Size-selective Sa...
  • SKC® VOC Chek® 575 Passive Samplers

    Validated as an alternative to active methods, VOC Chek 575 features twice the capacity, more sorbent for longer sample time, savings in samplers and analyses, and defensible data in a miniature sampler that does not require a pump or training. Listed in 8 OSHA Passive Methods. 

    More Information » www.skcinc.com/categories/passive-samplers

    SKC® VOC Chek® 575 Passive Samplers
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